So What Does Torque Mean, Exactly? We’re Happy to Answer

So What Does Torque Mean, Exactly? We’re Happy to Answer

Ford Super DutyThere are so many different terms and abilities associated with the automotive industry that sometimes it can be hard to keep up. Even if you consider yourself well-versed in cars, there is one term that many of us struggle with: torque.

What does torque mean, and what does it do?

Torque loosely refers to the car’s turning power, which causes your car to accelerate. And when you are look at a vehicle’s specifications and it tells you the maximum amount of torque, it is referring to the maximum torque of the internal combustion engine.

To put it even simpler, torque should be important to you because it refers to how quickly your car can drive really, really fast. If a vehicle can accelerate from zero to 60 mph in about four seconds, then it has amazing torque abilities.

Lastly, torque is not the same thing as horsepower. In fact, horsepower is a combination of torque and engine ability, letting you know in one simple number just how generally powerful a vehicle is. For many, this number is easier to keep in mind than torque.

Still confused? For more information on torque–or to check out our many available vehicles with exceptional torque–contact us or visit us at Bob Sight Ford.

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