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Industry-First Gorilla Glass Launched on 2017 Ford GT Supercar

Ford is launching something called “Gorilla Glass” on the 2017 Ford GT supercar; it’s supposedly the most lightweight and durable windshield ever featured on an automobile.

According to the automaker, the windshield—which was developed in partnership with Corning Inc.—is about 12 pounds (or 30%) lighter than traditional glass.

Despite being 25%-50% thinner than conventional glass panels, it’s also much tougher, and even scratch-resistant. It’ll be used on the Ford GT’s windshield, rear engine cover, and bulkhead. Eventually, Ford hopes to add the glass to mainstream vehicles like those you can find at Bob Sight Ford, which will help improve fuel economy, reduce break-ins, and mitigate damage in accidents.

2017 Ford GT
2017 Ford GT

Gorilla Glass has been used for years in smartphones, but the Ford GT features an industry-first three-layered hybrid version that has undergone four months of grueling rollover and impact tests. It won’t break when shot at close range with a golf ball-sized hail at 55 mph, unlike traditional glass.

While it’s less likely to break in an accident, rescue teams will still be able to get into a car equipped with Gorilla Glass if needed.