No Shave November

No Shave November

You may have heard mention of No Shave November. Has a ring to it, doesn’t it? People have been ditching the razor during November for a while now, but were you aware that over the last few years No Shave November has been a means to raise money for cancer research and education?

In 2009, the Chicagoland Hill family did what it took to turn No Shave November into a non-profit organization geared towards cancer awareness and research. Having lost their father to colon cancer, the Hill children wanted to create a way to raise money to help future cancer patients. It’s now a nationally known event that gains more participants and donations every year.

The idea is simple. For 30 days, during the month of November, you say goodbye to your usual shaving and grooming routines. Let the beard or the armpit hair grow, skip the waxing or get comfortable with hairy legs. Cancer patients often lose their hair, so the goal is to embrace yours. In turn, you save money on things like razors, shaving cream or grooming appointments and can instead donate that money towards cancer research and prevention. When your coworkers or friends comment on your new look, it’s a great chance to tell them about No Shave November. Register online to create a fundraising page and to help spread the word.

To celebrate No Shave November at Bob Sight Ford, we are doing something special this month! Each week a random customer (from any department) will be chosen to win a $100 gift card! In addition, each week a customer is chosen, Bob Sight Ford will donate an additional $200 to Children’s Mercy Hospital for cancer research, on behalf of the customer. Sounds pretty great, right? Come grow with us this month and help us give back!

Bob Sight Ford - No Shave November

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