Meet The Family – Adam Link

Meet The Family – Adam Link

Our employee spotlight this month shines on our parts manager, Adam Link! A little background on Adam: He’s originally from these “parts” and has resided in the greater Kansas City area his entire life. He grew up in Lake Lotawana and Blue Springs, MO, and has worked at Bob Sight Ford for pretty much his entire adult life. He started out as a parts driver before becoming a parts counterperson, and then on to his current position as parts manager. As a parts manager, his responsibilities encompass all things parts related. He is responsible for ordering, shipping, receiving, selling, and returning parts.

Bob SIght Ford Parts Manager
Meet Parts Manager Adam Link

Adam’s goals as parts manager are very simple – he strives to provide the best service to his customers and help them with their automotive needs. Adam says, “being able to have some fun while also helping customers at the same time” is what makes him so passionate about his job and why he enjoys his line of work.

When asked what he would consider to be his dream car, Adam proves he’s also got great taste. “There’s too many to pick just one, but right now I’m in love with the 1967 Toyota 2000 GT.” It may not be a Ford, but we can’t argue with that classic!

Some other interesting facts about Adam is that he has a self-described obsession with watching blacksmithing and lockpicking videos (it’s a thing – check it out!). He’s also a sucker for Ethiopian pour-over coffees.

When asked who he would want to play him in a movie about his life, he said Paul Sheer because of his signature teeth gap.

Next time you’re in need of a part, come over to Bob Sight Ford and say hello to Adam Link!

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