Ford F-150 Features New for 2018

Ford F-150 Features New for 2018

When it comes to the Ford’s F-Series family of trucks, the brand likes to go big or go home. And for 2018, the Ford F-150 got an update designed to keep the pickup truck at the top of the bestseller list in spite of intense competition. Many of the new Ford F-150 features are pretty cool, too, so here are some of our favorites.

Updated Front Grille and Headlights

To keep the Ford F-150 stylish, cutting-edge, and confident, Ford redesigned the F-150’s front grille for a more bold and modern edge. Additionally, the pickup gets all-new revised headlights.

The taillights feature a similar redesign as well.

Wheel Designs

Drivers will get to choose from a lineup of all-new, entirely fresh wheel designs on the F-150’s various trim levels.

New Badge & Appliqué

Which one you get depends on the trim level you opt for, but the Ford F-150 offers either a new stamped F-150 badge or a unique horizontal appliqué.

New Engines

The Ford F-150’s engine lineup for 2018 includes the choices of entirely revised V6 and V8 engine, though Ford hasn’t released any further specs.

A lot of work went into redesigning to look and performance of the Ford F-150 features for 2018. Come stop by Bob Sight Ford for more information.

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