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Christmas Gifts for Truck Lovers

Christmas is just a few days away, which means there is still time to get some more shopping done. If you have a special someone on your list who love trucks, then we have some great suggestions for you. Check out these great gifts for truck lovers.

  • Ford F-150. What would any truck lover love more than a new truck? The 2018 model is more high-tech and connected than ever, sure to please any modern driver.
  • Truck Accessories. If a new truck is out of your price range, spruce up their current truck with some fun new toys. Try some new cargo management options for the bed, flashy decals, or some new aftermarket parts.
  • Apparel. Let them show their love of trucks even when they are not driving. Get them a shirt, hat, or other things they can wear to show off their Ford pride.
  • Models. Get them a new truck, but in miniature form. These models have tons of details and come in a variety of styles, from some of the oldest Ford trucks to some of the newest.

If you need help getting any gifts for your truck loving family members, be sure to stop by Bob Sight Ford. We have merchandise and parts in stock that could be the perfect gift.

Have Fun in the Car with Thanksgiving Road Trip Games

For some of us, Thanksgiving means a road trip with lots of family time spent in the car. A road trip is often the cheapest way to travel for a family, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun. You can easily make these trips more entertaining and festive with some Thanksgiving road trip games. We at Bob Sight Ford want to ensure that you’ll have a good time this holiday, so here are some Thanksgiving road trip games to play in the car!


Holiday I Spy:

This is a classic game that families have always played, but we can put a small twist on it to make it holiday-themed! If you’d like, you can orient the game around items that have to do with the holiday season.  To play, pick a passenger to go first and have them select something from your immediate surroundings that has to do with the holidays and say, “I spy with my little eye something that starts with the letter (insert letter).” The person who correctly guesses the spied item gets to go next.


Thanks Word Game

Share what you’re thankful for by playing a word game with a Thanksgiving twist. To play this Thanksgiving word game, have one person—let’s call them the thanks giver—think of something that they’re thankful for that is only one word and announce the first letter of the word to the other passengers (you can extend it to two words if you’re feeling daring, and have them give the first letter of both words). The other people in the car have to guess what the thanks giver is thankful for. Every two minutes, have the thanks giver give the next letter of their word. This game is not only fun, but it will allow you to learn about your traveling companions and what they’re thankful for, and we’re sure you’ll be thankful for that.

Dos and Don’ts of Car Financing

car finnancingWhether you’re buying a car for the first time or the fiftieth time, it can be a scary process, especially since there are so many dos and don’ts of car financing you want to watch out for. Here are some things to do, and not do, before you head to the dealership and while you’re there.

1: DO research what car you want and what you can afford each month before you go in. You want to have an idea in mind about what you’re going to get, how much it will cost you each month, and how much insurance will cost, and then stick to that budget.

2: DO understand credit and how your credit score will factor into a bank’s decision to lend to you. If you have poor credit, look into dealership programs that can help you get approved for a loan or get a break on costs.

3: DO know whether you should buy or lease. Both have their benefits and downsides, so check out this page for more info.

4: DON’T go into the dealership without first researching loan options on your own. It’s better to go with a bank you trust and handle the financing yourself, but if you have trouble, the dealership may be able to find something for you.

5: DON’T trade in a car for less than what you owe on it. The rest of the amount owed will be combined with your new loan.

If you have questions about anything related to auto financing, our team at Bob Sight Ford is happy to help, so give us a call!