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2018 Ford Models

The 2018 model year is quickly approaching, and with it comes a new selection of Ford vehicles. The new 2018 Ford models are set to roll off the production line and onto dealership lots any day now. Here’s what you have to look forward to from the Ford Mustang, F-150, and Expedition.

2018 Ford Mustang

The 2018 Ford Mustang has a reputation to uphold as the quickest and most agile muscle car in the industry. Engine options range from a 2.3-liter EcoBoost® four cylinder engine to a top-notch 5.0-liter V8 engine. Ergonomic controls and a sport-inspired design show just how track ready the new Ford Mustang really is.

2018 Ford F-150

The 2018 Ford F-150 is said to be the most capable F-150 to ever hit the streets. The new model retains the aluminum-alloy body and steel frame that make it incredibly durable without adding weight. The upcoming model also boasts best-in-class towing when properly equipped.

2018 Ford Expedition

The 2018 Ford Expedition arrives with an all-new design and interior. The latest model boasts a rotary gear shift dial that replaces the console-mounted shifter. The Ford Expedition MAX posesses up to 16.9 cu ft. more cargo space than the standard model. The 3.5-liter EcoBoost® engine brings more performance and towing capability than ever before to the Ford Expedition family.

We here at Bob Sight Ford are ready to see the 2018 Ford models in person very soon!

Bullitt Ford Mustang Found In Mexico?

Bullitt Ford Mustang - 1968 Replica
1968 Ford Mustang replica from the movie Bullitt starring Steve McQueen.

“Bullitt” premiered in 1968 and spawned one of the most dynamic duos of all time: Steve McQueen and a 1968 Mustang GT. What many casual movie fans don’t know is that there were actually two identical Mustangs on set. One was kept in pristine condition and is currently under the ownership of a private collector. The other was beat up during the movie’s chase scene and made its way to the wrecking yard.

That’s what most fans thought, anyway.

Now it seems the second Bullitt Ford Mustang may be alive and well, or as well as a 1968 Mustang GT can be. Fede Garza posted pictures of a Mustang that’s eerily similar to the one used during the chase scene. It appears the car has found its way to Mexico, although the exact location is currently under wraps.

Further evidence that the 1968 Highlander Green Mustang GT is indeed the one that was supposedly scrapped is the Vehicle Identification Number. As it turns out, the number is a match. Kevin Marti, an expert on classic Ford vehicles, is set to validate the car’s authenticity in person. Should it be the real deal, odds are a full restoration will take place and the second Bullitt Ford Mustang will take to the streets once again.

We here at Bob Sight Ford have our fingers crossed!

New Ford Mustang Convertible Passes Up Detroit

2018 Ford Mustang Convertible
The 2018 Ford Mustang convertible will feature a 2.3-liter turbocharged EcoBoost engine.

The 2017 North American Auto Show in Detroit is one of the most esteemed auto shows in the world, with many brands saving reveals of updated models of their popular nameplates for the show in order to get more attention. However, the new Ford Mustang Convertible chose to pass up on a Detroit reveal to prevent getting lost in the media frenzy surrounding the event. Instead, Ford chose to unveil the 2018 model a week later.

Ford didn’t skip the Detroit auto show completely. The standard hardtop 2018 Mustang made its debut at NAIAS, which gave enthusiasts a good idea of what the convertible variant would look like. With similar styling cues like an updated exterior, standard LED lights, and a 12-inch driver display behind the wheel, the two models share a lot of cool features. Of course, there’s nothing quite like the leisurely, opulent vibe of a convertible top.

For 2018, the Ford Mustang convertible will be dropping its usual V6 engine in favor of a more innovative 2.3-liter turbocharged EcoBoost engine, which has already been offered as an option in the past. It will also continue to feature the available V8 engine. The coupe and convertible models will go on sale together in the fall, but pricing has not yet been announced.